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April Cannon

Public Works Commissioner
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The Public Works Department is a city-wide organization with general responsibility for city-wide operations and maintenance of city owned and operated buildings, grounds, utility services, and general code enforcement for nuisance and zoning violations.  It is administered on a day-to-day basis by a designated member of the City Commission, who functions as the City Public Works Director.

Specifically, the Public Works Director has first-line responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of city-owned buildings and grounds, management of designated city-wide services contracts including mowing and solid waste pickup etc.  This department also is currently responsible for monitoring compliance with all manner of nuisance and zoning issues and violations with ancillary responsibility as the City Code Enforcement Officer.  In this capacity, the Public Works Director chairs the city Code Enforcement Board when such is duly organized and empowered by the City Commission.

The Department, either personally or through its designated agents, completes monthly surveys of the condition of all city buildings and grounds and works in cooperation with the other Department heads to coordinate appropriate action to address repairs and improvements.  The Department head administers solid waste pick-up and grounds and building maintenance contracts, and represents the city in inter-city and county committees regarding solid waste, energy conservation and other related activities.  The Public Works Director also administers and oversees the contracts for mowing of city-owned open spaces as well as maintenance support contracts.

The objective of this Department is to ensure a clean, orderly, and well maintained buildings and grounds throughout the city, to develop and administer an effective Departmental budget, and see that code violations are dealt with promptly and fairly.