The City of Sadieville was incorporated in the year of 1880 and named for Mrs. Sadie Pack, one of the most highly honored citizens of Scott County.

The city is built around Eagle Creek and on a railway that was once the greatest and most lucrative in the south. As a shipping point, Sadieville was without a doubt, one of the best on the Southern Road. In 1904 there were 216 cars of stock, logs, and tobacco shipped which amounted to thousands of dollars. Over $13,000 worth of rabbits, hides, produce, etc., were shipped by Sadieville merchants in 1904. Sadieville was the largest market for shipping yearling mules and colts in the country, and the firm Burgess and Gano purchased most all of the mules and colts in Sadieville and from there they were shipped to many points in the state of Georgia.

The young mules and colts would be kept in corrals out in the country, until three or four hundred of them had been delivered by the stock raisers and then drivers would each get on horseback in front, at the side, and in the rear of the drove, and drive them to the stockyards in Sadieville which was alongside the railroad tracks. Two or three men would always go along the road in advance, and notify the residents that the “mules were coming”. They really raised a thick cloud of dust but at least the youngsters enjoyed it. Dust was at times as bad as a heavy fog.